San Ignacio de Loyola

Sylvie Robert

Religious of the congregation of the Sisters Helpers of Purgatory (international congregation of Ignatian spirituality, founded in 1856).

Professor of spiritual and dogmatic theology (Ignatian spirituality, theology of religious life, comparative mysticism) at the Sèvres Center - Jesuit Faculties of Paris and in charge of the Department of Religions and Spiritualities.

Member of the animation team of the Manrèse Center, Spiritual Center of the Jesuits in Ile-de-France (accompaniment of the Exercises and formation of companions).

Coordinator of the theological commission of the Conference of Religious of France.

Some collaborations with the Institute of Spirituality of the U.P. Comillas.

Formation: aggregation of classics and PhD in theology and religious history on Ignatian discernment as original knowledge of God.

She taught dogmatic theology at the Faculty of Theology of Lyon (1989-1998) and was in charge of initial formation in her Congregation (1991-2005).

Some publications :

Une autre connaissance de Dieu, le discernement chez Ignace de LOYOLA, Paris, Cerf Cogitatio Fidei n° 204, 1997.

Les Chemins de Dieu avec Ignace de Loyola, Paris, Editions Facultés Jésuites de Paris, 2009.

Le goût du Royaume, Dimensions de la vie religieuse, (dir., in collaboration with Michel FEDOU et Henri LAUX), Paris, Editions Facultés jésuites de Paris, 2016.

Various articles (spirituality, religious life...).

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