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Scott Hendrickson

In 1989 he joined St. Louis University, where he graduated Magna cum laude with honors in American Studies and Spanish four years later. He holds a B.A. in Ecclesiastical Studies from Comillas Pontifical University and a D.Phil. in Medieval and Modern Languages from Oxford University.

He is currently Associate Provost for Global and Community Engagement at Loyola University Chicago and Associate Professor of Spanish.

In addition to lecturing and speaking at numerous conferences around the world, Scott Hendrickson is the author of several academic publications:

- "Grave Matters: Juan Eusebio Nieremberg's Partida a la eternidad (1643) and Jesuit Approaches to Death in Early Modern Spain," in Journal of Jesuit Studies 8.4 (2021): 638-59.

- Juan Eusebio Nieremberg (1595-1658). Literatura y espiritualidad en el Siglo de Oro español (Madrid: Universidad Comillas / Bilbao: Sal Terrae-Mensajero, 2018) [Spanish edition of Jesuit Polymath, 2015].

- "Early Guaraní Printing: Nieremberg's De la diferencia and the Global Dissemination of SeventeenthCentury Spanish Asceticism," in Journal of Jesuit Studies 5.4 (2018): 586-609.

- "Seeing in Imagination: Visual Representation and Spiritual Contemplation in the Ascetical Treatises of Juan Eusebio Nieremberg," in Hispanic Studies Review 2.2 (2017): 181-95.

- Prologue / Parathënia, in Nieremberg: Aphorisms and Fragments on Human Nature / Aforizma dhe fragmente mbi natyrën njerëzore (Tirana, Albania: EDFA Books, 2016): 8-13.

- Jesuit Polymath of Madrid: The Literary Enterprise of Juan Eusebio Nieremberg (1595-1658) (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2015).

- "Empresarios y mercaderes en el tiempo barroco: los jesuitas y la misión pedagógica," in Empresas y empresarios en tiempos de barroco (Actas de las conferencias / Escuela de Barroco), ed. by Antonio-Miguel Bernal Rodríguez (Seville: Fundación Focus-Abengoa, 2014): 37-43. [ export/sites/focus/resources/pdf/Actas-Escuela-Barroco-2014.pdf]

- "A Jesuit Catechism: Aspects of Discernment in Juan Eusebio Nieremberg's Doctrina Christiana (1640)," in Los jesuitas: religión, política y educación (siglos XVI-XVIII), ed. by José Martínez Millán, Henar Pizarro Llorente, and Esther Jiménez Pablo, 3 vols (Madrid: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 2012): II, 1,221-36.

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