San Ignacio de Loyola

Mariola López Villanueva

Mariola López Villanueva (Bigastro, Alicante 1966), is a religious of the Sacred Heart, with a degree in Journalism and Biblical Theology; she obtained her doctorate in Spiritual Theology from the Faculty of Theology in Granada where she is currently a professor. Her years in Gran Canaria gave her a taste for unpacking Sacred Scripture and searching with other healing itineraries from the Gospel.

Among her publications: Regalarnos una tarde (PPC, 2017), and in the publishing house Sal Terrae: Mirar por otros. Stories of wisdom and healing (20092), Anointed: an itinerary of prayer with women's stories (20113); Madeleine Delbrêl, a mystic of proximity (20195). Her latest book is Miróforas. Bearers of Perfumes in the Dawn of the World (Paulines, 2020).

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