San Ignacio de Loyola

Diego Molina Molina

Born in La Zubia (Granada) on February 10th, 1964.

Jesuit since 1985 and priest since 1996.

Graduated in Classical Philology at the Complutense University (1989), studies of philosophy at the Pontifical University Comillas, theology in Granada (Bachelor in 1994) and doctorate in Theology (1999) by the Faculty of Theology Sankt Georgen (Frankfurt/Main).

Professor since 2000 at the Faculty of Theology of Granada, now belonging to the University Loyola-Andalucía. Areas: ecclesiology, history of theology and Protestant theology. From 2001 to 2020 he has been teaching in the area of ecclesiology at the Faculty of Theology of San Miguel (Argentina).

Member of the Ignatian Spirituality Group of UNIJÉS and regular contributor to the magazines Sal Terrae of pastoral theology and Manresa, magazine of Ignatian spirituality.

Author of numerous articles related to ecclesiology, history of theology or Ignatian spirituality.

Some publications in the area of Ignatian spirituality:

- La vera sposa de Christo. First Ecclesiology of the Society of Jesus, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Theology of Granada, Granada 2003.

- Die Zahl der allgemeinen Konzilien und ihr Kontext bei den ersten Schriftstellern der Gesellschaft Jesu, in Väter der Kirche. Ekklesiales Denken von den Anfängen bis in die Neuzeit, Schöningh, Paderborn 2004, pp. 945-965.

- "Church," in Dictionary of Ignatian Spirituality, Mensajero-Sal Terrae, Bilbao-Santander 2007, pp. 967-975.

- "And let them militate within our holy mother the Church....". The role of the church in the spiritual process of the Ignatian subject," Manresa 80 (2008), pp. 153-168.

- "Meditation with the three powers," Manresa 81 (2009), pp. 101-112.

- "Our way of leading," Manresa 86 (2014), pp. 329-338.

- "The ecclesial being of the believer," Pax et Emerita 10 (2014), pp. 533-546.

- " vera sposa de Christo nuestro Señor" [Ej 353] The Church in Ignatian Dogmatics," in G. URÍBARRI BILBAO (ed.), Ignatian Dogmatics. " Seeking and finding the divine will" [Ex 1], Mensajero-Sal Terrae-Univ. Pont. Comillas, Bilbao-Santander-Madrid 2018, pp. 411-436.

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